Yahoo! Groups Viewer

A tool to view archives of emails from the now-defunct Yahoo! Groups.

To begin, simply select a group to view from the dropdown list below.

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Alternatively, check out the Search page if you want to search for posts created by a specific user or created during a specific timeframe.

If a group that you would like to view is unavailable, please reach out to me on Twitter or fire an email to <my first name> at this domain. (Apologies for the obfuscation; I'd like to keep my inbox safe from spam bots 😅)

Note: The data on this website comes from Archive Team's periodic archives of Yahoo! Groups between October 2015 and October 2018, with most of the Mario Kart groups being archived around late 2017 and early 2018. This means that a few years of data before the shutdown of Yahoo! Groups are missing. Archives of groups after the shutdown of the website exist, however they are in a format which makes searching and extracting data from them particularly difficult. This data will nonetheless eventually be extracted, however this may take several weeks or months depending on my free time and patience.